Enzo Creek


Enzo Creek is all about outdoor ethics.

Enzo Creek was born out of the passion of several individuals and their love for the natural resources found on Planet Earth.  Enzo Creek firmly endorses ethical harvest of game animals, using legal methods only, and respecting  the lives of the animals we harvest by pursuing them under the principals of fair chase. Please make every effort to ensure a clean harvest, teach youth about hunting heritage, and always leave the environment a better place than you found it. 

What we do and our products:  

Enzo Creek develops and markets iPhone and Android Apps for the outdoorsman.  These Apps merge science and technology to assist the sportsman to enjoy a more fulfilling outdoor experience.  The Deer Age ToolTM is Enzo Creek's premier App that assists the deer hunter in aging their harvested deer in the field.  

If you  have a new idea for an iPhone application, contact us so we can discuss how to collectively bring the idea to fruition.  Your ideas will be kept confidential.  


Our Properties:

Enzo Creek Nature Sanctuary is a 100 acre (0.40 km2) privately managed wildlife sanctuary located in Mecosta County, Michigan near the City of Big Rapids.  The objective of the sanctuary is to enhance the habitat of the sanctuary for the benefit of the fish and wildlife which live within or migrate through the sanctuary.  See Wikipedia for more details

Enzo Creek, LLC, PO Box 1047 Big Rapids, MI 49307

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